Carden & Associates
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We keep you growing...


Carden & Associates, Incorporated (Carden) was founded in 1998 by Robert “Bob” Carden, Jr. In addition to his work in the crop insurance industry, which began in 1978, Bob was a citrus grower and nurseryman in the Central Florida area. His own experiences as a farmer have shaped his understanding of the investment risks faced in agriculture. He remains involved in the industry with farming operations in Georgia and a nursery in Florida. Like most businesses, he saw an opportunity to provide the help growers needed to manage their farming risks better.

From the beginning, Carden focused on providing the highest-quality service to local Florida citrus growers and nurseries. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest crop insurance agencies in the United States, insuring a variety of crops. Bob continues to be involved in day-to-day operations of the agency in addition to managing his farming operations.

In recent years, the agency has expanded its presence in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Continued growth efforts have been made through agency acquisitions and market development, with a team of experienced agents with strong farming and insurance backgrounds. The Carden & Associates team has grown and developed over the years without losing sight of the original idea of keeping their customers growing.


  • Put our customers first
  • Use up-to-date technology to improve efficiency and service for our customers
  • Ensure that our clients understand the insurance programs we offer
  • Ensure that our catalog includes the best products and services for our clients
  • Customize our products to precisely meet our clients' needs
  • Serve our community through charitable events and opportunities
  • Establish long-standing relationships with our clients


Our focus has always been to provide clients with a clear understanding of the benefits offered through the crop insurance programs we sell. There is a vast array of products from revenue plans for row crops to production and dollar plans for specialty crops, as well as various private products. Additionally, a strong understanding of the Farm Bill is critical as it dictates how these programs will work. One of the greatest strengths of the agency is the ability to help growers navigate through these complex issues.

The company’s knowledge has developed over the years. From Bob's involvement in designing some of Florida's first specialty crop insurance programs to his testimonies at congressional hearings, Carden and Associates continues to be an industry leader in not only the Federal Crop Insurance program, but in the overall industry as well. Advancements in technology have kept the company on the cutting edge of the industry by working to secure valuable, user-friendly software products and tools for farmers.

Currently, Carden has developed their own series of product explanations, which clients find provides them the information needed to make well-informed risk management decisions. From GPS mapping to farmer record keeping and planning software to state-of-the-art agency software, clients receive superior service. These tools, paired with the relationships that are built with their customers have forged a strong bond between them.