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Posted August 4, 2023

As the 2023 growing season moves on, and with hurricane season now upon us, we wanted to take a moment to drop you a note with some helpful reminders about the crop insurance claims process and your responsibilities in the event your crops are damaged. For those insureds with hurricane, tropical storm, or pasture, rangeland, forage (PRF) coverage, there is no need for you to file a claim. These policies trigger automatically based on NOAA data and are processed immediately when RMA releases the weather data. However, for all other plans of insurance, please remember that as a policyholder, you must provide written notice of damage or loss of production within 72 hours of your discovery of the damage but not later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period. You can meet this obligation by simply reaching out to your agent, who will file the claim on your behalf. Once the insurance company receives your notice of loss, adjusters will contact you and, if need be, make a visit to your operation to inspect the damaged crop and gather pertinent information concerning the damage. If you wish to destroy or choose not to harvest the crop, the loss adjusters will likewise gather the appropriate information, conduct appraisals to establish the crop's remaining value, and complete any forms needed. One of the ways you can aid the adjusters in their work (and help speed up the claims process) is to maintain accurate records of everything that has been done to the fields in question, including documenting farming practices and retaining proof of at least three years of production history for your crops. You should also continue to comply with all the terms and conditions outlined in the insurance policy, including meeting any policy-specific requirements related to provisions unique to your individual crops. Once the adjusters have gathered all the appropriate documentation, the insurance company will process the claim. In the event the damage exceeds the deductible, the company will then issue an indemnity check, less any outstanding premium, interest, or administrative fees. As always, we are here to help. If at any time you experience questions or uncertainties, please reach out to your agent for clarification, and we will walk you through the claims process. Nobody ever wants to experience a loss as we are all in this business to both plant and harvest; however, when damage does occur, we want you to rest assured you are covered, knowing we will work to secure every dollar of indemnity you are owed, so you can not only endure the risks facing you this growing season but so you can have the resources you need to plant with confidence again next year. Thank you for your business and continued partnership. CARDEN & ASSOCIATES, INC. We keep you growing!