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Posted March 19, 2020

The Hurricane Insurance Protection (HIP) program is an endorsement to your current crop insurance program. It is designed to provide cash flow to a grower in the event of a hurricane strike or near miss during the growing season. The concept is straightforward: if a hurricane strikes your county or one adjacent to it, you get paid as soon as NOAA verifies the strike. There is no loss adjustment calculation, inspection requirement, or anything else that could delay payment. To reiterate, the purpose of this program is to provide needed cash flow once a hurricane strikes and is OVER and ABOVE your underlying crop insurance policy coverage. A flyer describing the program in a little more detail is attached. Remember, this coverage MUST be signed up for in conjunction with your regular crop insurance renewal, with a deadline of April 15. One of our agents will be happy to assist you in selecting the amount of coverage that is right for you, so contact us today. We keep you growing!